We are specialist recruitment consultants who skillfully target potential candidates to meet the aspirations of clients. It is through our knowledge base and strategic contacts that we know where to find and how to recruit the best talent.
The Northfield team has enjoyed working with multinational organisations on a range of challenging and complex projects. We have helped in the setting up and development of national and international head offices for companies. Importantly we also have extensive experience of working with different business cultures. This often involves working across a number of countries to research and locate and eventually source suitable more

Recent successful appointments made for our clients

Managing Director of Marketing Agency – Paris COO and the European Commercial Director at the European head office of a finance company – Frankfurt
Managing Director of Marketing Agency – Istanbul Senior Fleet Manager Europe – Germany
Business Director of Marketing agency – London Senior Engineer for Ride & Handling passenger cars – Germany
Digital Marketing Account Manager – Frankfurt Senior R&D Engineer Vehicle Lighting – Germany
Business Analyst – UK Digital Marketing Account Manager – Frankfurt


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