Automotive Recruitment

At Northfield our starting point is to understand the needs of businesses and prospective candidates.

Our consultants have successfully held senior level positions for national and international head offices within the automotive industry.

This knowledge and expertise allows us to work closely with clients and gain a genuine understanding of their needs and requirements. We ensure that at all times the most experienced and effective team is working with you.

Working closely with our clients we develop the most appropriate and effective approach to achieve the desired end results.

Why use Northfield for your automotive recruitment needs:

• Proven industry experience and insight.
• Direct contact with our senior team at all times.
• Successful automotive appointments made at all levels internationally.
• Proven ability to work with different business cultures.
• A bespoke tailor made approach for each client.
• The highest levels of confidentiality at all times.
• Proven ability to source high level highly effective executives.
• Well established long-term relationships with our clients.

As well as meeting demanding criteria of the businesses we work with, we also work closely with prospective candidates. Our consultants have held positions in complex international organisations and therefore have an understanding of the issues surrounding career development and the aspirations of individuals. All candidates will have contact with our senior consultants to discuss their needs and requirements. We respect the fact that many candidates face tough decisions about their careers and personal lives and therefore we have a policy of been open and transparent with our clients at all times.
We also attempt to give candidates the most in depth briefing we can on prospective employers and employment opportunities throughout the recruitment process.